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Family Medicine Specialist (Saudi National)

Jeddah, Jeddah · Healthcare
Provides comprehensive medical services for members of family, regardless of age or sex within scope of training. Services include: Preventative care, immunizations, primary care and treatment, health education, Prescribing of medications, ordering and interpreting lab testing, physical examinations, STD screenings, Vision/hearing, women’s health, family planning, prenatal services, nutrition. The mission of this hospital is to provide medical, dental and mental health services to residents of Jeddah. Provider may be used in a variety of locations depending upon the need of the organization. Maybe asked to supervise PA and NP. May be asked to provide training to resident physicians or medical students.

Duties and Responsibilities: Personal-Team-Organization
•Reviews patient file/record, including allergies, problems, medications and immunization status.
•Elicits and records information about patient’s medical history.
•Examines patients for symptoms or physical information.
•Orders or executes various tests, analyses and diagnostic images to provide information on patient’s condition.
•Analyzes reports and findings of tests and examination and diagnoses condition of patient.
•Administers or prescribes treatments.
•Determines and prescribes medication, dosage and schedule given the patient’s condition and allergies.
•Discusses any possible side effects to medication or immunization with patient.
•Prescribes vaccinations to immunize patient from communicable diseases.
•Promotes health by advising patients about diet, hygiene and methods for prevention of disease.
•Provides prenatal care to pregnant women. Provides postnatal care to mothers and infants.
•Performs surgical procedures commensurate with surgical competency.
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